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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 28, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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him in the negative. you think you are so [explative]. >> back to you. >> what does that mean? thank you, andy. lauren, thank you for being on here. bill shultz, you are disgusting. dana, always an eccentric trip. i'm greg gutfeld, see you next time. >> bret: six days before we vote, allegation voter fraud may have already begun. the president campaigns from the white house saying he is not on the ballot but his agenda is. scandal involving tex, lies and red tape. office of a senator fighting for his job. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. less than six days before the mid-terms, already allegations
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of voter fraud are mounting from concerned early voters. while voter fraud allegations are up there with death and taxes as things that are inevitable every year, with so many races, so close, how serious and extensive are these allegations? what is being done about them? senior correspondent eric shawn is in new york to look at some of them. good evening. >> reporter: er there have already been two voter fraud arrests in florida and have to do with absentee ballots. the mager robinson face dozens of felony charges. authorities say they illegally obtained 92 for the henry re-election campaign. some saying their ballots were faked. nevada, some voters saying when they went to vote for republican candidate sharron angle, the computer screen was checked for harry reid. but election officials in
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nevada call it impossible, branding the claims false. they say the screens cannot be preprogrammed with a candidate's name already she's incensed they're called liars, incompetent or trying to create anger. democratic nevadaen secretary of state ross miller calls it unsubstantiated rumors. he says, "i will not tolerate any attempt by individual, organization or campaign to deny any nevada the right to freely cast a vote in a safe, secure and private matter." miller is the only secretary of state in the nation who brought acorn to trial. the activist group at and the former regional director face felony voter registration charges. the trial starts next month. there are more absentee ballot charges across the country. in alabama, they are reviewing applications that appear to have the same handwriting.
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yet, a former county commissioner pled guilty to absentee voter fraud. in connecticut, 250 were signed out listing this address which turns out to be this vacant lot. in bucks county, pennsylvania, authorities tell us there are 500 suspected absentee ballot allegations under investigation. democrats are denying it and accuse the republicans of voter suppression. there will be a hearing on all this on friday. bret? >> bret: we know you will stay on this. thank you. president obama is taking a break from the campaign trail today. but he is still trying to avert or at least minimize expected republican surge in next week's midterm elections. white house correspondent wendell goler reports in an age when many people work from home. president obama is fitting right in. even when the president is not on the campaign trail in the last days before the mid-term election. he's talking to his base. on this day, reminding women voters that the law enhancing
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investigation about prosecution of crime against women was written by then senator joe biden 15 years ago. >> we have come an incredibly long way since that time. we have changed laws and made progress the way people think about domestic abuse. >> aides say the president doesn't stop being president in a political season but a past presidential spokesman sees a political strategy in his schedule. >> bret: >> his appearances on the campaign trail could be harmful to democratic candidates. they have taken a strategy of having him stay in washington for a few days and really reach out the base. >> in recent days, mr. obama granted interviews john stewart -- jon stewart and radio personalities including african-american broadcasters. to stress the importance of next week elections, he's not on the ballot. >> this election is just as important as 2008, because it will determine how well we can move my agenda forward to. >> with black unemployment
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twice the rate of whites he finds it necessary to take argument that has been used against him. >> we have to take active steps to driver down unemployment and that's just not on the agenda of my republican friends. they said their only priority right now is cutting taxes for folks who make more than $250,000 a year. >> of course, republicans say the tax rate affect small businesses which are needed to create jobs. but even though the president aide said he is ready to put the political season behind november 3, they are not optimistic about next year. >> there are going to be a lot of people coming to washington for the first time, who aren't behold on the the so-called establishment. i don't think they are going to be interested in compromise. so we face gridlock. >> friday, the president returns to the campaign trail, campaigning for one-term virginia congressman tom parielo who is locked in a tough bid for re-election. then it's off to try to get out the vote for closer races for senate and governor.
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in connecticut, pennsylvania, ohio and illinois. bret? >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. one of the areas republicans are looking to replant their flag is new england. g.o.p. was pummelled in the last two election cycles there. carl cameron reports from new hampshire, it may be about to change. >> reporter: the final six campaign days on springfield saw mill, congressman bass hopes to reclaim the open second district congressional seat he lost in 2006. before democrats eliminated every last new england house republican in 2008. >> hi, how are you? >> starting her own marathon campaign today at millford high-tech circuitry manufacturer is popular long-term democratic activist, ann mcclay custer with a slight edge in the polls in the tiny state, where she and her republican rival have been plenty acquaintances were year. >> she is the most democratic
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candidate that has run in the state. >> all the economic policies failing the country started with the vote he took. skyrocketing deficit. the debt went from $4 trillion to $8 trillion. >> new hampshire first congressional seat may be more likely to slip. polls suggest that she is behind the mayor guinta. the six new england states are comprised of 22 congressional districts, all held by democrats. polls suggest new hampshire may turn red. south of boston to the cape, suggest a g.o.p. pick-up. and in western connecticut, surveys indicate the fourth and fifth district could also go g.o.p. in every new eng land state, independent swing voters are crucial. nowhere more so than here in the live free or die state. >> 43% of the people in this district are independents, undeclared. >> if that, g.o.p. moderate, typical of new england and other republicans get on the board in the northeast, he
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says it will be over money, not morality. >> when the agenda is about being fiscally conservatives, republicans in the northeast do well. when the republican party starts focussing exclusive on the social agenda, the libertarian streak comes forward. saying the social agenda between me, my family and my priest and my community and my neighborhood. in maine, republicans have a strong chance of picking up a governor's offic a outsideng ab hampshire's legislature, in 2008, when president obama was elected, republicans lost the state house majority to democrats for the first time in a century. insiders of both sides say it's likely to snap back. >> live in his home state of new hampshire. carl, thank you. >> taking a break from politics now, another matterer of concern from people in washington, that has to do terrorism. something that many people live and work here every day
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use every day. correspondent, james rosen is here with details. good evening. >> this morning, f.b.i. arrested a naturalized u.s. citizen born in pakistan named faruk akmed. f.b.i. agents were seen collecting homes from his home in virginia, 35 miles west of the capitol. tuesday, federal grand jury returned three-count indictment charging him with helping individuals who he believed were members of al-qaeda to plan coordinated bombings in virginia, d.c. suburb with heavy commuter traffic. starting in april, prosecutors met with the individuals on five occasions and gave them diagram sketches, photograph images. some of the data were conta contained on a memory stick. the goal was to kill as many metro riders as possible from
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simultaneous bomb attacks. >> at no time were any patron employees, facilities associated with the washington metropolitan transit system was in jeopardy from this particular activity on the part of this young man. the f.b.i. was aware of mr. akmed activities before the attempt began and closely monitored him. >> around 2:00 p.m., he appeared before a magistrate judge and supported full beard and glasses and responded no when asked if he could afford his legal counsel. former chief of the counterterrorism section, told fox news today, based on scant details provided, the dangers posed by lone wolf operators. >> the piece that we're missing here is how the f.b.i. came upon him. what tipped them to focus on
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him? my impression is that he wanted to carry out this terrorist plot. and the f.b.i. moved in and presented him with what he believed to be accomplices to help him carry out the plight. >> if convicted, he faces up to 50 years in prison. >> thank you. >> that brings us to tonight's poll question. which best describes you? type 36288 for already voted. sr2 for will vote before november 2. sr3 for will vote on november 2. or sr4, will not vote. we'll bring you the results later in the program. still ahead, long-time democratic senator tries to milk every last vote from the dairy state.
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>> bret: and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. things as we showed you are getting heated in the nevada senate race not just between democrat harry reid and his republican opponent sharron angle. during "the view" talk show tuesday co-host joy behar raised eyebrows saying of angle, quote, she is going to hell this b word. today, behar's reaction to a special delivery moved this story along. >> this morning i get these flowers from sharron angle. i mean, i look -- it was a brassiere moment it says joy raised 150,000 online yesterday thanks for your help sharron angle. [ laughter ]
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>> it's a sense of humor. >> i would like to point out that those flowers were picked by illegal immigrants. and they are not voting for you, [bleep] >> bret: illegal immigrants are illegal and not supposed to be voting. a federal judge has smacked down a top officials ban wearing world wrestling polling to polling stations yesterday. district judge issued an order that requires the connecticut secretary of state not to apply state election laws regarding political advertising to wwe fans. republican senate candidate linda mcmahon is the former ceo of the wrestling company. husband vince mcmahon filed a lawsuit tuesday seeking to stop local election workers from asking wwe fans to cover any wrestling gear at the polls. and finally, a small town in oregon will vote next week on whether to change its name from detroit to detroit lake. some residents say they get a bad wrap because of detroit,
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michigan's problems. one motorist city blog as you can imagine was not pleased writing, quote: like adding the word lake is going to clear up anything. -- clear anything up, i should say. how about you go ahead and change your city's name to tourist trap and s how that works out? >> bret: we head to the deep south now for a look at tuesday's debate between the candidates for south carolina governor who predictably had an unpleasant thing to say about each other throughout the debate. correspondent jonathan serrie joins us live with the latest. jonathan? >> hi, bret. fireworks certainly through during the final debate here in south carolina for the south carolina governor with republican nikki haley and democrat vincent shaheen sparring over ethics. during that debate haley accused her opponent who is both a lawyer and state senator of making huge profits by both
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defending and suing state government agencies. listen. >> in the first two years of being in the senate, he became the fifth highest paid attorney in workers' comp cases. >> i would rather be a successful lawyer. i would rather have a successful lawyer as my next governor than the accountant that didn't pay her taxes. >> shaheen criticized opponent for repeatedly filing state tax returns and working for a state contractor while serving in the legislature. attacks on haley's personal life dating back to the primary have largely subsided. kendra stewart says the economic crisis has overshadowed some of the moral and social issues that dominate political issues here in the palmetto state. last night's debate ended with comic relief when the moderator asked this question. >> do you like each other? [ laughter ] >> yes. >> i used to. [ laughter ] >> october 19th rasmussen poll
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shows haley with a 9 point lead but that's about half the comfortable two digit lead she enjoyed just a month ago. and with both campaigns virtually neck in neck, a campaign fundraising tuesday's election promises to be a nail biter, bret? >> bret: jonathan serrie live in charleston, tonight. jonathan, thank you. the fox all stars look at more of their favorite races when they join me after the break. more for their money. good. this time, i'm watching fees like a hawk. i hate hidden fees. why should i have to pay for something that i shouldn't have to pay for? td ameritrade's pricing is clear and it's straightforward... it's spelled out upfront. no hidden fees... no bait and switch. no gotchas. and there's one flat rate for online equity trades... for big accounts... or small ones. that's the way it ought to be. call, click, or come in to td ameritrade.
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>> i would like to start off tonight showing plan to create jobs. nothing. now let me show you his plan to deal with our looming budget crisis, nothing there. >> the next governor is going to have to present a balanced budget to the legislature in the later part of december. that budget needs to be based on
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real figures. >> i have committed not to raise taxes, and i'm not going to ask local governments to do it either, brian. >> rory, let's be clear, your budget plan doesn't add up. it includes $615 million of revenue that don't exist. >> bret: we haven't talked much about this race, the governor's race in nevada. it's the other reed running in nevada rory reed as you take a real clear average. brian sandoval has an 18 point lead. about, tonight, let's bring our panel steve haste senior writer for "the weekly standard" mara liasson national correspondent of "national public radio" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. we haven't talked about this race, charles, because it seems like it's a big lead for the republican. >> it's really over and it is going to be a landslide. i think what's the most interesting element of this race is that in the reid
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advertisements his last name does not appear. it's rory. that tells you everything you have to know about this. it isn't his age. it's not his undistinguished past. it's the fact that he is the son of an unpopular senator who actually is in the neck and neck race. i think it's a way for some people who may not be completely happy with sharron angle who is running against the father for the senate to have a proxy vote against reid by whacking his son in the gubernatorial election. i think this is a clear-cut case where the reids are going to lose. >> bret: does this bleed over to the other race at all, mara? >> i think it's the opposite. in other words, i think that the other race bleeds into this. reid is a very bad name to have as charles just pointed out if you are running for statewide office in nevada. the other thing to say about this race it's never been a cliff hanger. it's never been close. this is going to be one of the new governors that republicans can point to to show that they
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are a diverse party. sandoval is hispanic. >> bret: a close race that we have covered numerous times as we see democrat joe manchin still within -- he is up 4. according to real clear politics over republican john reasy. there have been new polls that suggest raese may be up a couple. this is the average of polls here. this one looks like it's going down to the wire. >> i think it likely to be one of the closest races we will see next tuesday night. you are seeing what's happening in west virginia happen around the country. joe manchin talking about everything and anything but issues at this point. he doesn't want to talk about the stimulus. he doesn't want to talk about president obama. he doesn't want to talk about democrats in washington. and he certainly doesn't want to talk about obama care. he is has not answered the question to whether -- he favors the good parts and wants to repeal the bad parts. he still won't say whether he wants the tax hikes that you have to have in order to pay for obama care. he is just not answering the question. what he is trying to do is make
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the campaign about his opponent's house in florida. so he is talking about these houses. is he talking about taxes, but he is not talking about the issues. >> bret: the popularity of manchin as governor showed up in a raese ad saying we want to keep joe here and not make him pa platomic joe. >> it's a smart idea if you are the opponent of a popular governor. a classic example of how the democrats are trying to make every race a local one and republicans are trying to nationalize it. if you nationalize it, the democrats are going to lose. and what raese is arguing, this is a guy who may be okay in the state, but if you put him in the senate, he is a guy who said originally he supported obama care. and, in fact, manchin is so scared about the idea of cap and trade, this is a coal state. the democratic administration is really trying to kill through e.p.a. regulation. that's what the state hinges on.
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he has an ad in which he takes up a rifle and shoots at a copy of the cap and trade bill. anything that nationalizes hurts him. that's why he is trying to run a local election. i'm not sure it will succeed. >> bret: let's talk about another race, a house race that's getting nationalized this week. the virginia fifth district, that's congressman, democratic congressman tom perryilo going against robert hurt. stop to charlottesville friday. many folks are looking at this in a fairly republican district as not a help. >> this is a really, really interesting trip. i don't think he has ever made a dedicated -- this is his only dedicated trip for an individual house race. tom perriello -- he is every democrat's favorite conviction politician. in other words, he supported the obama agenda straight through a to z. he is in a very tough district. i think he won by 721 votes last
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time. he has really stuck to the obama agenda. the president is rewarding him though i don't think anybody any thinks he has a chance to win. what the president wants to say is look, if you stand by me, i'm going to go and try to help you. the other thing that's interesting though is when you look and costs and benefits of this, you mention gee, maybe it's a risk. it's worse to go and campaign for him. at this point i don't think for tom perriello anything would be worse there is a congressman in the neighboring district glen nigh, also a democrat who is taking the complete opposite strategy to win which is that he is running ads against obama saying how many times he broke with nancy pelosi. he didn't vote for health care. he didn't vote for cap and trade. he is doing a little bit better. and to the extent the president can energize the african-american vote in that part of virginia, he might be helped, too. >> bret: interesting. one district over. let's turn to the senate again. california senate, good news, carlie fiorina out of the hospital after an infection, having to deal with the
4:45 am
follow-up to a breast cancer surgery. this is the real clear politics average. barbara boxer up 6.6, steve? >> i don't think there has been much discussion about whether this has an impact on the race, the fact that she was hospitalized, would people think she might be weak, she might not be able to serve out her entire term or would this lead to maybe a sympathy vote, a surge. i don't think it will have much of an impact whatsoever. what is likely to decide this is the ad war. the fact that she missed a few campaign stops isn't going to do the trick. what's most interesting about california is that barbara boxer in a poll that was out today still holds a slight lead among independent voters, 3% to 35%. now, that's pretty striking. president obama remains more popular in california than he does in other parts of the country. i think what you are likely to see is ts race come down to the 8% of undecided voters. do they break with barbara boxer and the incumbent and president obama or do they say we have had it, we want change, we want carly fiorina.
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>> you will note how careful the fiorina campaign was to say that it was not her cancer. it was an unrelated infection because i think you don't want to give the impression of having chronic illness. unfortunately it would hurt new an election. secondly how courageous she is. if you have had an infection that puts you in the hospital to go out on the trail in the last weekend as she will requires unbelievable stamina and courage. >> bret: back on the trail tomorrow. house race in florida. it's the eighth district and this is incumbent congressman allen grayson vs. the republican there dan webster. this one has been interesting? >> the most ex -- member of the congress. giving him the benefit of the doubt. he says outrageous stuff. the republican idea of health care that you get sick and die. outrageous ads in the campaign opponent daniel webster. a distinguished legislature. he is now behind.
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he won in the district by less than a fifth of a percent in a fluke victory in 2008. he will lose and he will deserve that loss. >> bret: last word, mara, it was interesting to see the vice president campaigning down there for grayson. >> at this point i don't think the white house is going to be any particular. any warm breathing democrat is welcome in the united states house of representatives. >> absolutely not. >> bret: home page at report. get ride for tonight's online show at 7:00 eastern. next up, how the new health care law impacts your fhs or
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>> if i am currently taking claritin for my allergies, i can pull out my debit card with my health savings account and go to any drugstore and purchase that
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over-the-counter. but now, under this change, i am going to have to take time out of my work day, schedule an appointment with my physician to go in there and get a prescription if i want to be able to use my health the medication i'm taking every si about 15,000 over-the-counter products that now are subject to this new policy that now require a prescription. >> bret: this is all in the health care law. 45 presidential americans are now getting notices that the pretax money they set aside for flexible savings spending or health savings accounts you can no longer be used for over-the-counter drugs. you have to get a prescription if you are going to use that money that you have set aside pretax. this is stuff like tylenol, cold and cough medicines, allergy medications, others. what does this mean in the big picture? we are back with the panel. charles? >> two things. example of the insanity of this bill. in part, the consequences here
4:52 am
are unintended. just adding a layer of complexity which is going to make it hard for anybody to use tylenol go. to a doctor and get an appointment which is really nuts. adding another level of complexity. >> bret: because the bill needed financing to pay for it or at least show the deficit was not going to be according to the cbo. >> it had to say it would reduce cost. it does this crazy regulation. i think it's not inunintended. this is the use of regulation to kill health savings accounts which are the one element, the one examp of consumer sovereignty in health care. that's what liberals want to eradicated. they want a government-run system directly or indirectly. health savings account are an affront. what you do is you say to anybody holding it, if you have got arthritis and you want to get aleve, you are going to have to go to a doctor, waste half a day, pay for a visit, which nobody is going to do. it's a way to kill the private
4:53 am
sector by attrition. in the same way that employers will be dropping health care because of the huge increase in costs as a r govement will not b. >> bret: starts january 1st. >> far be it from me to argue with charles on anything medical. however, they only will have to go to their doctor to get a prescription for aleve if they want other taxpayers to subsidize their purchase of aleve. that's what this is. for people -- i think for people who thought. >> bret: wait a second, if you put money in your f everywhere sa. >> that's pretaxed money. i have a depend -- >> bret: off the table, if you are trying to get the tax money from that, it's essentially making the ssa an sha uneffective. >> yes. on the other hand, if you or someone and i agree with all the economists who said that employer-provided health care should not be subsidized by other taxpayers who have to go out on the market and buy their own health care, then this
4:54 am
neither should this. >> obama care is the greatest adding of subsidies health care in the history of the united states. and you are begrudging a plan which allows individuals sovereignty and has a minor saving on the part of the consumer in the tax saving? that's completely incoherent. either you say no subsidies or not. this is a minor tax break to encourage people to use their own money and essentially self-insure. >> it's more than a semantic difference. it's not subsidy. this is not fundamentally the government's money. this is your money from the beginning, what you are opting to do is not pay tax dollars on it i mean, from the beginning. you are not subsidizing anybody. >> wait a minute, the government is allowing you to do that. otherwise you would have to pay taxes on it? >> the government doesn't allow anybody to do anything in this case. i think it's fundamentally your money at first. if you don't want to do it, if you can opt out of paying the taxes, that's what you do. the bigger picture, i think hente
4:55 am
promised this was going to reduce costs and make things simpler. this is clear, another example that that is not the case. it wasn't the case. and i think what you are likely to see, like we have seen with some ms and these other things that were predictable but ignored when they were predicted the hhs department of health and human services having to grant exceptions and waivers, which once again, puts all of the power of the one sixth of the u.s. economy in the hands of the secretary of health and human services who is going to be making these decisions based on regulation. this is one regulation out of 2500 pages there are going to be dozens of others. >> i will take off my tax policy hat for a minute and get back to analyzing the politics for. this the problem for the administration is the benefits that people are supposed to like like keeping your kids on until they are 26 and getting rebate checks for prescription drugs are not happening fast enough to counter act these other changes that are going to be perceived as a --
4:56 am
>> bret: we will talk about this again. mara, it's great to have you on the panel. that's it for the panel. student for what republican student for what republican candidates say this midterm
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>> bret: time to reveal the results of tonight's text to votel. you. percent said already voted. 6% seth said will vote before november 2nd. 43% say will vote on election day. just 1 percent said they will not vote. thanks for all the votes. we had more than 13,000 of them. finally tonight, a familiar word is back on the stump these days. and it's coming from the opposite party which raises new questions. >> what washington needs now are new voices and new ideas. >> the american people want change. >> i think that we need to make a change in washington.


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